Airon™ Radius Frame - Vizix® Galilean Loupes

Airon™ Radius Frame - Vizix® Galilean Loupes

Airon Radius

A Dynamic Frame for Dental Loupes

We know that quality, durability, fit, and aesthetics are important aspects when it comes to selecting a frame that works with your loupe and lighting solution. The Airon Radius is a dynamic frame designed to deliver a comfort fit.  Featuring an all aluminum frame, the Radius is durable, dependable, and pairs seamlessly with our loupe and lighting products.  By incorporating more room between the eyes, forehead, lenses, and frame, the Radius is designed to keep you comfortable all day. It is available in blue, black, silver, crimson, and pink.


Product Specifications

Weight (lbs): 0.0335
Material: Aluminum
Lens Height (mm): 41.1
Frame Width (mm): 147.2
Bridge Width (mm): 12.1
Temple Length (mm): 130.4