Airon™ Sport Frame - Vizix® Galilean Loupes

Airon™ Sport Frame - Vizix® Galilean Loupes

Airon Sport

Performance Frame for Dental Loupes

We know that quality, durability, fit, and aesthetics are important aspects when it comes to selecting a frame that works with your loupe and lighting solution.  Used by medicaldental, and veterinary professionals of all specialties, the Airon Sport is an innovative performance frame for dental and surgical loupes that features an all aluminum build and a durable, yet lightweight design.  Incorporating a slight curve to its design, it provides unobstructed vision and an expanded downward field of view.

Product Specifications

Weight (lbs): 0.031
Material: Aluminum
Lens Height (mm): 49.55
Frame Width (mm): 143.7
Bridge Width (mm): 8
Temple Length (mm): 129.9