Futudent smartCam
Futudent smartCam
Futudent smartCam
Futudent smartCam
Futudent smartCam
Futudent smartCam

Futudent smartCam


Autofocus 4K non-interruptive medical camera for easy medical applications

The smartCam is an auto-focused miniature 4K dental camera.  It features a SONY sensor that captures both 4K video and high-resolution still photos from the chair light.  With smartCam it’s easy to capture stable, super high-quality video and images  with no interruptions to the procedure.

 *Please note that shipping will take up to 5-10 business days

Easy-to-Use Recording Software

With a simple USB connection, the Futudent recording software pairs your camera seamlessly to your laptop.  Recording videos and taking still images during dental work is fast and intuitive. No video filming skills are required - so you can focus on your patient, not your camera. The Futudent recording software is controlled with a foot pedal, so you can take video and still pictures completely hands free - and with no interruption to your procedure.


The smartCam is the light mounted dental camera on the market!
    • Lightweight
    • Point-of-view recording
    • Crisp, high resolution video
    • 2X to 8X magnification
    • Excellent depth of field
    • Captures video, stills, and audio
    • Integrated cloud platform for storing and sharing videos
    • Streams real-time video to share with colleagues
    • Attaches to Enova Loupes

Product Specifications:

  • SONY IMX 415 sensor
  • Resolution: 4K30/1080p30/720p30/ 8Mpix stills
  • Full aluminum body
  • Weight: 50 grams (1,8 ounces) with lens
  • Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 30 mm 
  • Optics: Exchangeable UHD lenses,  8/16/25/35 mm
  • Hands free operations with USB foot control
  • Mounting options:
       - Overhead light or Headband
       - Gooseneck/flexible arm
  • USB 2 with detachable cable
  • Camera is powered through USB
  • 5 software licenses included/unit
  • Recording software: Windows, Mac &Android
  • Medical regulatory compliance:
       - MDR 2017/745, classification I
  • Camera warranty 2 years