Woodpecker Motopex Endo Motor
Woodpecker Motopex Endo Motor
Woodpecker Motopex Endo Motor
Woodpecker Motopex Endo Motor
Woodpecker Motopex Endo Motor
Woodpecker Motopex Endo Motor

Woodpecker Motopex Endo Motor


Woodpecker Motopex Endo Motor

The Motopex from Woodpecker is a 360° rotatable cordless endodontic motor that features a compact integrated apex locator and 6:1 Contra Angle to support maximum visibility and accuracy.  More affordable than the Yoshi AI motor, it delivers many of the same features and functions of the Yoshi Ai Endo Motor but with less RPM’s.  The Motopex utilizes a low noise, low heat brushless motor, and provides dynamic torque and an advanced display that provides quick and accurate monitoring data in real time.

Thanks to the automatic retraction function, if there is too much torque on the programmed file, the Motopex will stop to prevent the file from fracturing.  As a multi-dimension tool, it can be utilized as an endo motor for preparation of root canals, or as a tool for measuring canal length. The Motopex can also be used to enlarge the canals while monitoring the position of the file tip.


Product Package:

  • Motopex Handpiece.
  • Contra angle 6: 1.
  • Charging base and power adapter.
  • Mouthpiece.
  • Silicone case.
  • Measurement cable.
  • Clip Files.
  • Lip Hook.
  • Touch probe.
  • Instructions and quality certificate.
  • Warranties: 24 months for unit and handpiece, 12 months for contra angle.

Characteristics of Motopex Endodontic Motor:

  • Screen OLED very intuitive, clear and wide.
  • Easy to choose and use interface.
  • Contra angle head super mini .
  • Contra-angle autoclavable to prevent cross contamination.
  • Lithium battery 2000 Mah of maximum duration
  • Automatic and adjustable calibration torque 0.4 - 0.5 Ncm.
  • It has 10 memorable programs.
  • 30 predefined files.
  • With adjustable speed from 100 - 1200 rpm.
  • Adjustable angle to facilitate work on teeth.
  • Compatible with all file systems on the market .

Available Motopex functions:

  • Apex locator mode for measurement (EAL).
  • Normal mode with clockwise rotation (CW).
  • Reverse mode with anti-clockwise rotation (CCW): This mode is ideal for injecting calcium hydroxide.
  • Reciprocal Mode (REC) : F for lead angles and R for setback angles. Both modes are adjustable every 10º. Adjustment range: 20º - 400º .
  • Autoreverse mode (ATR) : speed (rpm), drive torque (mcm) and adjustable angle of advance.

Product Specifications:

Handpiece weight (with contra-angle) (g): 151.1g
Speed: 100-1200rpm
Torque: 0.4-5.0Ncm
Contra-angle rotation angle: 360°
Mini 6:1 contra-angle: Y
Brushless motor: Y
Insulated contra-angle: N
Built-in file systems (group): 30
Battery capacity (mAh): 2000/mAH
Apex Locator function: Built-in Apex Locator
Handpiece charging mode: Contact point charging